Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going Topless at Market

No, its not what you are thinking, it was too damn cold for that!
Yesterday was not a banner day at the farmers market. It was cold and windy, though the sun was out most of the morning. Several market tents tried to make an arial escape early in the day and throughout the morning you could hear the crash of various products, signage and shelving hitting the ground. We gave it up as foolish early in the experience and just took the top off the tent. It looks a little odd, but still allows us to post all our signage and keep our hanging displays without risk of damage to the tent or passers-by. Just think of it as a market booth with a sunroof!

Huge thanks to our customers that braved the cold wind and came out anyway.
We hope next week will bring better weather for the market.


girlwithasword said...

re: your first if it was warmer you'd consider the OTHER kind of topless vending?! And then the second question is - you or Sean or both? hee hee....

BlueGate said...

Ha! After Miss Effie's comment about the push-up bra, one might wonder!
Brrrr, makes me cold just thinking about it!