Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You just never know...

Saturday as the mad rush that was the opening farmers market was winding down, I grabbed my hat (those of you in the know, know which hat) and ducked across the street to show off my fine chapeau to our friends at Vanderploeg's Bakery. As I was donning my hand-knit finery and entertaining Marcie, a customer walked up and asked to take my picture. Um well, why not..."sure, go ahead."
And then the day proceeded as normally (for us) and we packed up and went home. Got to spend some quality time with my sister and nephews, went to bed at 9pm. It was a good, though exhausting day.

Then Sunday evening, after my sister had returned home, she sent me an email saying a friend had forwarded her a blog link and it was "Too Funny!"

So always up for a good laugh, I clicked on the link. Ohhhhh....well, um...here, see for yourself:
Opening Day

What fun, a blog about the market and and local foods.
So of course I left a comment, and the author sent me a very kind email, from which we have started up a conversation. Its a small world out there, it was true back in our theatre lives and is certainly true in the Local Foods scene. What fun to find another like-minded person who enjoys locally grown foods, supports the farmers market and has a sense of humor!

Oh, and the fun continued on the follow-up posting as well:
be careful what you post

Too funny indeed! Thanks Amy, for the shared laugh!


Amy said...

As you stated "I grabbed my hat ...donning...entertaining....."

Therefore, you are just as much responsible for the silly photo as I.

I love like-minded people!!!!!

Teresa said...

I love the hat! It's perfect for the farmer's market. I guess this is another reason I always try to stay on the other side--I'd never know where the picture might end up.

Jesica david said...
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http://shoresidefarmhouse.blogspot.com/ said...

Enjoyed your blog. You sure are busy. I have been toying with selling some products at our local farmers market. Your blog has expanded my ideas. Thanks!

Window On The Prairie said...

LOL. I love the hat. So ADORABLE!