Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweat and Sweet Corn

 Last week we hosted a bit of a Skeehan Family reunion here on the farm. Family members from Colorado, Chicago and Australia all converged on this little piece of land right at the start of the sweet corn season and one of the longest heat waves in a decade. We were quite the hive of activity, with much laughing, eating, swimming, eating, horseback riding, eating, photo-taking, eating and when we were done eating, we even managed to get a bit of work done.

The big project of the visit was to start to tear the roof off of the old packing shed. In the first picture you can see the hard-working crew pausing from their shingle-stripping fun. Notice the lovely green porch roof below them. That was the most recent (and wonderfully shady) progress before the Skeehans arrived.
The de-roofing crew (plus a wandering garlic harvester)

Dan inspecting the porch roof while Miranda, Carman Marie & Dominique take a much-deserved breather

big progress on the de-roofing front

Carman Marie & Miranda stripping the last of the tar paper
Sweaty, but still smiling, Australian brothers Dan & Tom
It was such crazy fun to have every here. Huge thanks to my parents for providing cabin-accommodations, work-crew wrangling and photographic skills and to all the Skeehans for their good humor, great company and hard work. We hope to see you all again soon!


Tiggeriffic said...

Yes, it was hot and nasty~! Glad the weather has cooled down just a little.. Great job on getting all the family together to do a worthwhile project~! Can hardly wait to see the end results..
Have a Tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Teresa said...

Glad you have help with such a big project. This weather certainly has not been good for doing any outside work. Stay safe!

Granny Sue said...

Hard workers! But isn't it fun?