Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grab Your Flappables Mabel...

...storms a'comin'!
Who knew when I uttered these words to a friend (not Mabel) recently how true it was.
Last week while doing electrical work in the new barn, Sean fell off a ladder and got to make a late night visit to the local ER, then an ambulance ride to the regional trauma center, followed by a couple of days in the hospital. He is home now sporting a fancy new broken arm and fractured pelvis.

The day after he returned home a big storm rolled through Iowa bringing with it the first severe weather of the season. We skipped the tornado this time around, but did get some golf ball sized hail. Lots of wind and hail damage in our area, but we just had minor cosmetic damage to the vehicles and ruined outer high tunnel  covers...nothing that requires immediate attention.

Sheesh, enough excitement (storms) already!

We've been so lucky to have such great support from my parents, Sean's brother, Paul, and our field crew who are all keeping the farm on schedule. Not to mention, friends who have sent messages, come to visit with Sean so I could do off-farm errands, help us figure out logistics, drop off meals and even loan us a TV, as ours had died. We would be so much worse off without all of them.

Unflappable...that is the new goal. Take it one day at a time, simplify what we can and handle whatever each new day brings. We can do this.

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