Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Humming Along

The following is a guest post by Kelsey, one of our farm crew this summer...

While harvesting salad last Friday in the large high tunnel at Blue Gate Farm, the farm crew had a wonderful surprise. Kelsey and Wendy were harvesting from the north salad bed when they heard David (who was in the salad bed closest to the south side wall) say there was a hummingbird drinking nectar out of the clover near the netting covering the south wall opening. As the content little Ruby Throated Hummingbird carried on drinking his nectar he didn't realize that he squeezed his little body through the holes in the netting and was in the high tunnel with the crew. Amazed, we all took time to watch the little bird fly around as we tried to figure out hoe we were going to get him out so he wouldn't hurt himself or even worse, die. As we watched, he landed on the cucumber trellis right behind where Kelsey was sitting, and then flew over to the pea trellis behind Wendy. Pretty soon he took off again and made fast laps around the high tunnel, seeming to realize that he couldn't get out. Then he swooped past Wendy's head and, whether the little hummer was just tired, or was attracted to Kelsey's red pants, he landed on Kelsey's leg. Shocked at what happened, Kelsey jumped and the little bird was up in the air again.
He made another pass around the high tunnel, then flew back and perched on the pea trellis once again. Wendy stood and turned to the pea trellis with her finger outstretched, all in slow motion. The little bird just watched, without even a flinch. as Wendy stretched her finger out to the bird the tiny hummer took a second, looked at the offered perch and then in the blink of an eye he flew and landed on Wendy's finger. She slowly cupped her other hand over the top of her finger, carefully trapping the small bird, and walked to the door, setting him free. We couldn't believe what we had just witnessed and we still have a good chuckle about it but everyone we tell just can't believe what we tell them. But that will be a memory that we will never forget. It is always an exciting time here at Blue Gate Farm!

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