Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Good Company

 In the past we have written about the informal farming group of which we are a part. The group was started over a year ago following an annual conference, to provide communal work days at each of the four farms. It has become a steadfast support system of shared knowledge, skilled hands, willing labor and emotional "scaffolding". These are the "Fairy Weeders" that came to our rescue early in the season this year as our lives reeled out of control. We have been so lucky to count these folks among our friends, and even more so when we were joined by a journalist who thought our group was interesting. After a year of joining in our adventures our talented writer-friend summed up each of  our farming operations and our shared reliance on one another. You can read Joshua Doležal's article which appears in the current issue of The Iowan Magazine.

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