Tuesday, October 3, 2017

BGF News - October 3, 2017-Vol. XXXIII, No.17

"Vivid" Choi

In this week’s box:

Carrots: asst
Cherry Tomato Mix
Onions: Red Carpet
Summer Squash: asst.
Sweet Peppers: asst.
Tapestry Salad Mix 
Tomatoes: asst.
"Vivid" Choi
Winter Squash: Thelma Sanders (white acorn squash)
And at least one of the following:     
Broccoli: Belstar
Cucumber: Lemon
Eggplant: Orient Express or Orient Charm   
Mini Cauliflower: Pusa Megna and/or Giant Purple of Sicily
Okra: Bowling Red
For those with the Egg option [full & half shares]: one dozen free-range eggs (assorted colors)
For those with the Herb option: lemon basil, par-cel & sorrel

Featured Recipes:  ** indicates a BGF favorite 
Sweet and Spicy Acorn Squash
Sopa de Fuba Collard Greens Cornmeal and Sausage Soup
Sauteed Summer Squash with Red Pepper and Onion

What’s up on the farm?

Precipitation in the past week: 0.00"
What a whirlwind week it has been! Crops cleared, beds renovated, more crops sown, weeding and cultivating and transplanting...and then host more than 1,400 people at the farm for Farm Crawl 2017! I'm sure there were many more things that happened (like cleaning and sprucing-up) but truly, that is all I can remember as it is rather a blur of activity. I know we saw a number of CSA members "Crawling" on Sunday, thanks so much for coming out and spending time with us! Did you Crawl and take photos? We'd love it if you'd share your favorites with us. A special thanks to the Archers (CSA family) for taking on a volunteer spot during the Crawl, as well as to our other volunteer corps, family and farm crew, very much appreciated!

We bid farewell to one of our crew members this week. Thanks, Jen for your hard work and willing attitude this summer. We'll miss you!

Upcoming events:

Final Summer CSA delivery:
Our final delivery of the 2017 summer season will be Tuesday, October 24th

VegEmail sales begin: Tuesday, November 7th

A little detail on your produce this week:

Broccoli: Wrap broccoli loosely in a plastic bag and keep it in the vegetable bin of your refrigerator for up to a week. Immediately before cooking, soak broccoli, head down, in cold, salted water (1 teaspoon salt to a 8 cups of water) for 5 minutes. Any [organic] critters will float to the top where you can rescue them or allow them to suffer a salty death. (Note: If you soak broccoli in salt water before storing, it will become too rubbery and wilted to enjoy.) Slice the juicy, edible stems and use them wherever florets are called for. Peel particularly thick skin before using.

Okra: These lovely, dark red, horn-shaped vegetables are a warm weather treat. Extremely cold sensitive, store in their plastic bag in the warmest part of your fridge, or place the plastic bag in a small paper sack and store in the crisper drawer and use within the week. Traditional southerners will cut into rounds, bread in cornmeal and fry, but our favorite version is our dear friend Annie's method, "All I do is rinse off the pods and lay them in a saucepan with a little water in the bottom. Ten to fifteen minutes is all it takes...twenty if the pods are really big and "woody" feeling. I put salt on them and eat as finger food. It reminds me of young sweet corn."

Peppers: Place whole, unwashed peppers in a plastic bag, seal, and refrigerate for a week or more. Rinse peppers just before use. For sweet peppers, cut around the stem with a small knife and lift out the core. Slice down the side to open it up and then cut out the inner membranes. Store unused portions in a sealed bag or container in the refrigerator.

Scallions (green onions)- are best kept upright in a glass with about 1" of water in it, more like flowers than vegetables. Loosely cover the tops with plastic and you will be amazed at how long they will keep. We like to throw a handful of chopped scallions into nearly any savory dish, right near the end of the cooking time.

Winter Squash:  Store winter squash in a cool, dry, dark place with good ventilation for up to a month, depending on the variety. Once squash has been cut, you can wrap the pieces in plastic and refrigerate them for five to seven days. To make it easier to prep winter squash for your recipe, try the prebaking method: pierce the squash to allow heat to escape while it is in the oven, then bake the squash whole at 350° F until it is just barely tender to the poke of the finger, 20 to 30 minutes. This softens the shell and makes cutting and peeling much easier.

A few other details: All of your GREENS will keep best if stored in a plastic bag, with the top folded over and placed in the produce drawer of your refrigerator.  
* NOTE: You will notice over the course of the season that some box contents listed above say "Perhaps one of the following..."  These are items that we can’t harvest in sufficient quantities for the whole CSA to receive at one time.  We do track who gets what and we will do our best to ensure that everyone eventually receives each item.  On some items this may take several weeks, so please be patient.
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That’s about it this week, if you have any questions or comments be sure to let us know. 
Best from the farm,
Jill & Sean (and Blue, Luci & Indigo)

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