Thursday, December 18, 2008

Annual Sighting

Trying to get a few errands done today before the impending ice/snow storm hits, I was driving back to the farm, when I noticed a very large bird cruising overhead. Could it it really???
Yep, now for the second year in a row we've seen Bald Eagles flying over the farm.
It has become fairly common to see them around the DM river area, but we (ok, I) still get down right excited seeing them winging it aross the sky here in Marion County. It was cold enough today that the laying hens were loafing inside the coop, so no worries there. Our hens are large enough that we don't generally have problems with hawk predation, but an eagle could cause us some serious trouble. Regardless of that possibility, it still gives me a rush to see such a ruggedly beautiful bird returning to the area.
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