Sunday, March 29, 2009

And then it snowed...

I've been a little remiss in my blogging responsibilities recently, so here's a quick recap of the past week.

The bed prep work was completed in both high tunnels. In the big tunnel; salad beds, spinach, choi and chard are all sown and the irrigation system has been run for the entire tunnel. No pics 'cause it just doesn't look like much more than somewhat orderly soil.

Nothing sown yet in the original tunnel as it is all mid-season crops.

In a mad fit of early season tilling I hit the two pea beds and was able to get 1 row of each (snap & snow) peas sown before the rain.

Then the rain started and we got about 2" in 24 hours. I wont say that I wasn't having a few minor flashbacks to last season, but I'm optimistic that this will be a better year. We were more than happy to have missed the severe weather that plagued some areas of the state this time around.

The sunroom is taking on its normal spring "green fling" and its beginning to get a bit cramped in there. The cabbage, broccoli, garden huckleberry and ground cherry transplants have been sown and the largest tomatoes are about ready to move up to bigger pots.

On Thursday, we visited our friends at Coyote Run and were sent home with a significant volume of their lovely pullet eggs, which are too small to sell. SCORE! Since we butchered our old laying flock in December, and the new girls aren't laying yet, I've been missing fresh eggs. So what do you do when life (or friends) hands you 8 dozen little eggs? You make pasta, lots and lots of pasta!

Luckily my parents are out of town, so I was able to take over all the horizontal surfaces at their cabin for pasta-drying purposes. I made 8 lbs of our standard Herbed Wheat Noodles and about 2 lbs of a new recipe of plain semolina pasta. I've mentioned in the past that I LOVE my pasta machine, and this just reaffirmed my feelings, that little chunk of stainless steel and rollers is a beautiful thing.
Here's about 3/4 of the yield, it doesn't look like much,
but the table is 4' x 6'
And like the title says, after all this unseasonably warm weather, this morning we woke up to 3" - 4" of snow. You gotta love Iowa in the spring!
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