Friday, March 13, 2009

Standing Tall

I'm a little slow posting about the new high tunnel progress this week. Partly because the progress has  slowed and it got damn cold, so other things took precedence.

So now here is the great unveiling...our two high tunnels standing side-by-side in all their muddy glory!

You can see the significant difference in their sizes. They are the same length but HT1 is 26' wide and 12' tall where HT2 is 42' wide and 15' tall.

The lovely cages in the foreground are year-old fruit trees being somewhat protected from maurading deer and rabbits. The giant martin house in the background was made a couple of years ago by my 93-year-old great uncle.

Again we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped on both of these projects, but special thanks to our recent wonder-crew: Dad, Grandpa, Don, Patty, Lois, Ben and especially Paul. Also a never spoken enough thanks to Mom who always keeps us fed and hydrated during our big projects!
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