Thursday, January 14, 2010


I know the following post will be a total non-starter for some of you, but I also know that a select few will get a small surge of joy that one more person can be added to the ranks of
"Seasonal Affective Sock Disorder!"

Yes, here it is folks...My very first hand-knit-by-me sock!

And look...
It even fits!!
Now I just have to finish the other one...


jag said...

Congratulations, Jill! Now there'll be no looking bakk!

Miss Effie said...

So ....... are you hooked yet??? I love knitting socks. They are so necessary but yet you can afford to knit them out of awesome yarns. And for me -- I can get a perfect fitted sock!

I got two pairs on the needles now!

BTW -- gorgeous yarn!! Love the colors! Did you spin that?

MeanestMommy said...

It's gorgeous, Jill! Congrats, and welcome to the sock obsession. ;)

Lisa H.

BlueGate said...

Hooked?? Obsessed?? Um, yeah I think you could say that. I mean, how cool is it to have socks made for your exact foot? I love that! And the sock yarn that is available?? Drool!

Cathy, no its just a commercial sock yarn. I decided starting with something consistent would be a good idea.