Saturday, February 27, 2010

Noodle Day

With our hens finally increasing their egg production and our pullets starting to lay their first eggs, we are finally getting buried in "chicken seeds" again. We can only eat so many omelets, so celebrate the occasion I declared that today was Noodle Day!

Since my very lucky purchase last year of the $12 pasta maker, and my realization (duh!) that I can make the dough in my KitchenAid, pasta-making isn't quite the major chore that it used to be. However it is still a significant event that generally involves my taking over my parent's cabin so that I have enough surfaces to dry the cut noodles. Mom & Dad are in town for the weekend, so I took advantage of the situation and made a mess.

I sure hope they don't come back early : )
This should mean that we will have Herbed Whole Wheat Noodles to sell at the early farmers market! Woo hoo!


Marie Theron said...

Hi there, I have just chanced upon this lovely blog about real farm life! I think I will go and make mealie meal porridge this minute (that is the South African version of polenta).You can find me at I wanted to ask: Who are you and where is your farm?, but I see there is a website where I can find the info! Regards from Cape Town.

BlueGate said...

Hi Marie and welcome!
I'm curious wherever did you find us out there is the "ether-web"?

We are located in the middle of the US, in the state of Iowa.

I love hearing the different names for porridge or polenta. So is your recipe similar?

Claire MW said...

Wow, the table grew hair....I have one of those pasta machines. Kelly got it from his job (2 jobs ago) by some points thingie they had going. I've never used it. Maybe I should try it. I could make pasta with different types of flour.

Oh yeah, because I have all that spare time too.

BlueGate said...

LOL, you definitely have time, if you give up sleep, that is. : )
Actually, if you're making small batches, it is really pretty quick. The pasta machine makes all the difference.

panthercreekcottage said...

Do they still make t.v. trays! You may need them. I have been wanting the pasta attachment for my kitchen aid for a long time now. I usually make pasta by hand. The noodles end up being too thick and chewy for me. But the head hillbilly here thinks those are the best. Or maybe he just doesn't want to spring for the spendy attachment. hmmm...

Headfam said...

MMmmmmmmm....noodles....will there be any left in August? hahaha!!