Monday, September 27, 2010

As the Parade Passes By

Last night driving home through the fading fall light of rural Iowa, I passed a bit of a parade. Now this wouldn't have qualified as a full-blown city parade complete with floats, marching bands and thrown candy. But here in the country, we take note of the more subtle forms of pageantry. As I drove past a narrow country lane, I was met by the following:
Two women leading a colt
Followed by two Boer goats
Then a girl leading a pony
Followed by a miniature donkey
And bringing up the "tail" was a mule
It was all very dignified, as a parade should be. There was no trotting or tussling, just a quiet progressing down a gravel track.

I would have liked to stop and watch their progress, but while they made a cameo appearance in my world as they moved slowly southward, I didn't want to intrude in theirs.
As I continued down the road I did stop, to let a buck and two does cross the road in front of me. This was a parade of a whole different nature, fast and wild and gone in a heart beat.

It was another beautiful and unexpected evening in the country.


Tiggeriffic said...

Oh I would of loved seeing that..
They must of got lose from their pasture.. Or something. I'll bet that was really cute to see.
We had a Mother and two baby deers in our pasture this spring.. They were so dear.. WIth all the combining going on right now the deer are on the move. Here in the eastern part of Iowa it's 43 degrees.. WOn't be long and frost well be here. Have a great day~!

Teresa said...

What a wonderful adventure! I love having those unexpected treats. Thanks!

Marie Theron said...

One reason for always having a camera at hand! It sounds like something one can paint. I was pleased to hear you using the term "boer goat"! That is a very South African or otherwise Dutch name!