Monday, September 27, 2010

As the Parade Passes By

Last night driving home through the fading fall light of rural Iowa, I passed a bit of a parade. Now this wouldn't have qualified as a full-blown city parade complete with floats, marching bands and thrown candy. But here in the country, we take note of the more subtle forms of pageantry. As I drove past a narrow country lane, I was met by the following:
Two women leading a colt
Followed by two Boer goats
Then a girl leading a pony
Followed by a miniature donkey
And bringing up the "tail" was a mule
It was all very dignified, as a parade should be. There was no trotting or tussling, just a quiet progressing down a gravel track.

I would have liked to stop and watch their progress, but while they made a cameo appearance in my world as they moved slowly southward, I didn't want to intrude in theirs.
As I continued down the road I did stop, to let a buck and two does cross the road in front of me. This was a parade of a whole different nature, fast and wild and gone in a heart beat.

It was another beautiful and unexpected evening in the country.
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