Thursday, October 7, 2010


Farm Crawl 2010 has come and gone...and what a day it was!
The weather was perfect and more than 1300 crawlers fanned out over the 45 37 mile circumference of the event. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed a beautiful fall day in the country. A very special thanks to our fabulous BGF crew; Mom, Dad, Terri, Maggie, John, Kelsey, Adam, Kristi and the Maly's! We couldn't do this event without you.

For those of you who were unable to "Crawl" here is a quick tour of the event by journalist Michael Libbey:


jane said...

Sorry to miss the Crawl this year, but it was fun to see some of what I missed!

Marie Theron said...

How pleasant it sounds! I suppose the weather is still lovely and picnics form part of such an event?

malinda said...

. . . sean's farm, huh? ;)

miss you guys!