Thursday, November 25, 2010


This past week, we were harvesting in the high tunnel when Kelsey, our steadfast farm crew member, started passing the time by identifying crops that we grow on the farm for each letter of the alphabet. Well, the challenge was on and as we worked our way down the spinach bed we simultaneously worked through the alphabet. You'd be amazed how challenging we found some of the letters. After some supplemental discussions with other associated BGF parties here is the alphabet ala Blue Gate Farm...

A Arugula
B Beets
C Chard
D Dill
E Edamame
F Fennel
G Garlic
H Honey
I Italian Parsley
J Jewelweed
K Kale
L Leeks
M Mache
N Nasturtiams
O Okra
P Potatoes
Q Quercus (Oak Trees) I know, it’s a stretch!
R Radishes
S Spinach
T Tomatoes
U Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle) Hey, we even sell it!
V Violas
W Weeds
X Xanthium (cocklebur) We don't sell it, but it does take up a lot of our time!
Y Yarn (not a crop, I know…but we do make and sell it)
Z Zucchini


Teresa said...

I'm certainly impressed you could come up with something for each letter!

Amy said...

Next up we need a song ....... then a dance. I will even come out and film it! Nice job.

BlueGate said...

Teresa, the things we will do to pass the time when harvesting greens is a bit mind-boggling!

Amy, though I will do many (many) silly things...dancing on film isn't one of them, but I'll suggest it to the crew : )