Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eureka Moments...Wowza Moments

So yesterday as I was finishing up the newsletter for our first Winter CSA delivery of the 2011 season, it occurred to me, duh, why don't I post these on the blog? I'm already writing about things going on on the farm, and the people who read this might enjoy the recipes as well. Besides that guarantees blog posts every week in the summer when I am challenged to do blog posts, plus bi-weekly posts in Nov & Dec...well just because. So there you go, starting now (yesterday, cause that's how my brain works) we will post all our CSA newsletters on the blog and readers can enjoy or skip them at will. Done!

That said, those posts will not generally include awe-inspiring photos, as Tuesdays (CSA days) are generally crazy busy. So today we will celebrate the photos of this week's harvest with a little viewing. Be forewarned, these are not for the faint-of-heart! So as you may have noticed in the CSA newsletter posted yesterday, daikon was on the schedule for Tuesday's delivery. So with the forecast for Tuesday being so ugly, we did our harvesting on Monday and this is what we found...

Yep, pulled it straight out of the ground like that...crazy! If you are on Facebook, go to my profile and look at the hysterical list of comments made on the photo...too funny!

Next we pulled this one...

You just never know what you will pull out of the gardens here! But this one had a destiny other than a CSA box. This one just had to go to our favorite DM coffee ladies at  Ritual Cafe, which is our DM CSA drop location. We like to share produce with them and this one just had to go!

 So when I got to the cafe, I presented Linda with her bag of BGF produce, crowned with this (these?) and her response was to take another photo of it, just to highlight its unique qualities...

Yep, we know how to grow 'em at Blue Gate Farm!
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