Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Moment of Peace

 ...before the storm. Not every day starts with a double rainbow over the hayfield. As much as we need the rain, this is an auspicious start to the day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Little Friendly Competition

BGF Barn Quilt Contest
Blue Gate Farm (via Leo Beebout Construction) has been building a new barn/packing shed this season. It is a fairly large; two-story structure with a lovely peak expanse of light tan siding that is visible when you turn into the farm lane. We thought what a perfect place to highlight a barn quilt. We’ve looked around a bit, but haven’t found any design that speaks to us. Then we thought, we know a lot of creative people, maybe one of them would have the perfect idea, so here’s the challenge…

 The Timeline: 
Contest starts August 1, 2011 and submissions are due by August 21, 2011.
Winner will be announced September 1, 2011 

The Goal: 
To find/create a design to be realized (by BGF) in a painted 4-foot square wooden panel on the BGF barn 

The Prize: 
A basket of Blue Gate Farm products AND the realization of your design BGF barn, to be featured at Blue Gate Farm for the 2011 Farm Crawl on Sunday, October 2.

The Considerations:
Anyone can enter (though gift basket is only deliverable within the continental US)
We are a chemical-free vegetable, honey, egg and herb farm
Blue is the general theme at Blue Gate Farm
Our logo looks like this:

Our website is www.bluegatefarmfresh (take a look around if you aren’t familiar with us)
For ease of judging, submissions should be made in the form of a picture, (computer-generated or hand-drawn) and may be sent via email to mail@bluegatefarmfresh.com or via post at the following address:

Blue Gate Farm
749 Wyoming St
Chariton, IA  50049

Please include your name, address and email address so that we may contact you if we have any questions about your entry or, more importantly, if you are the winner.

Not familiar with barn quilts? Here’s a website for a little background: http://www.barnquilts.com/