Sunday, February 18, 2018

BGF News - February, 2018-Vol. XXXIX, No.2

What’s up on the farm?

Precipitation in the past month: Snow: 17.0"
                                                            Rain: trace

Our winter weather roller coaster continues this month, we got 17" of snow last week, then this week it was 50° and the snow is mostly gone. Yesterday it seemed like we had winter and spring in the same day with unexpected snow early and "flannel shirt weather" in the afternoon.  But seasonal swings are totally fine with us. That warm up following the snow let all the wonderful moisture seep right into the ground, banking it for the growing season and these freeze/thaw cycles do wonderful things for opening up our soil and providing better growing conditions for our crops. So bring it on!

It feels like this is the real start of the 2018 season. We started interviews for the farm crew this week and are thrilled that 3 of our veteran crew members are returning this year. That means we will be on the lookout or 1 more full-time person to join the BGF family. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them our way. This past week also marked the start of the growing season for us, as we started sowing seeds for our allium crops (onions, leeks & shallots) as well as a few long season herbs and edible flowers. These will be followed shortly by a long list of spring transplants like: broccoli, kale, chard, cabbages, lettuce and much, much more. Our cats, who live in the sunroom/nursery can't decide if they like this time of the year or not. We tend to spend a lot more time in there, so they love the extra attention, but it means they have to share the heat mats with the plants, which they aren't so crazy about.
The germination mats seem to be working just fine.

Since we're talking about this season's crops, let's also chat about the CSA. Now is the time to sign up for the 2018 Summer CSA. Veteran members should have received sign up information last month, so now we are opening all remaining slots up to new members. If you are interested in the 2018 CSA season, you can read more about it on our website at . If you are ready to join us for the upcoming season of veggie-adventures, you can get sign-up information here: Blue Gate Farm CSA Sign-up

If you can't wait until spring for farm-fresh products, we continue to do our VegEmail deliveries all winter long. Every 2 weeks you can order from our list of available products and we will deliver them to Des Moines, Knoxville or you can pick them up on the farm. Eggs, fresh produce, stewing hens, popcorn and herbs all rotate through our availability list until the start of the farmers market season. If you want to receive the VegEmail announcements, just fill out the form here: Mailing List and be sure to indicate which delivery location you prefer.

And finally, a big happy birthday to Indigo this month. He sure was a cute little guy 4 years ago!

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That’s about it for now, if you have any questions or comments be sure to let us know. 
Best from the farm,
Jill & Sean (and Luci & Indigo)