Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have subscribed to The Essential Herbal for a year or so and it is one of the most interesting and educational publications that arrives in my mailbox. It is edited by wonder-woman Tina Sams and each issue is chock-full of submissions by herbal experts nationwide. There is nothing pretentious about it, just lots of friendly, useful information about all things herbal (culinary, medicinal, soap-making, growing ect.)
I was honored when Tina decided to include one of my stories (nature-oriented, though not particularly herbal) in the current issue. What a treat to get to share the pages with so many smart and creative "herbies." I had a couple poems published years ago, but this is the first foray into the "print public" for one of my stories. Thanks Tina...proud to be on your pages!
You can subscribe to the magazine, or check out a multitude of fabulous products from the website link above. Check it out, they do great stuff over there in PA!


Miss Effie said...

Yea!!!!! You go, girl! Congrates!

girlwithasword said...

It was fascinating to read your story in print - after being honored enough to see you perform it in person. You are SUCH a talented woman!

Headfam said...

Very exciting! I'll have to look for this somewhere.