Monday, February 2, 2009

External inputs

Well gosh, this could become an addiction...a fun (and very swanky) award from Claire. Don'cha know this is how all the farm women around here look? Anyway, thanks Claire! I think the "fabulous" award fits you better than me!

And now back to the addictions part, I am supposed to list 5 addictions...

1. Coffee...every morning, preferably with half & half. Cold coffee in the summer.

2. Ice Cream (right there with you Claire!) Any time of the year, bring it on! In July...homemade ginger peach is hard to beat.

3. Fiber...I totally blame this one on Maggie. All natural fibers, ready to be spun into yarn, or wonderful yarn produced by others...I will probably be found dead someday, suffocated under a giant pile of fibery products, with a big smile on my face.

4. Outdoors, can't live without it. Our farm, timber, natural name it and I am happier there than I could ever be in any mall.

5. Friends. Espeically now that we live so far from them, friends seem so much more important. I'm quickly becoming addicted to these electronic means of staying in touch.

So there you go...and my awards for other Fabulous Blogs go to:

Prairieland Herbs, because everything they have is truly Fabulous!

Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, because I am always amazed at Sara's talent and enthusiasm

Sugar Creek Farm because Kellie writes a wonderful blog with great farm and nature pics.

Cold Antler Farm because this is one of my favorite blogs to read daily. Check out the January 30 post about things to bring back. It is one of the best lists I've seen in a long, long time.

Farmgirl Fare because its about food, farming and great dog and sheep photos...what's not to like?
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