Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spinning Locks

For Christmas this year I was gifted (among other cool things) a bag of mohir locks dyed in a rainbow of colors by talented friend Maggie.

I wanted to spin them with something that would really show off their lustrous color, but didn't have any fiber that I thought fit the bill. Finally I took some of the beautiful grey shetland from an earlier Fiber CSA delivery and tried to dye it black. Yeah, my dyeing skills still need some honing. I tried two different dye baths, and finally ended up with a mottled black and dark grey, nearly felted fiber. Grrrr!
Not exatcly what I was hoping for, but I decided to use it anyway. So I spun the locks into the shetland for one single.

Then plyed that against a plain shetland single. It isn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it did make a couple of  interesting skeins of yarn.

Not sure yet if I will sell them or keep them for my own stash.


clink said...

Oh..... those are so pretty!!! And I like the color you ended up with. Looks like a great scarf and hat!

Keep it.

girlwithasword said...

OH! I think it turned out pretty! oh I'd do a big drapey shawl or scarf...something to really show off the artistic-ness of the yarn.

Karen said...

I think it's beautiful!

Chel said...

OH WOW! Maggie gave you such gorgeous colors, and look at how pretty your skeins ended up! I'm about to start learning to knit...I sincerely hope you will make me some pretty yarn once I get practiced!I'm in awe!