Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spinning Locks

For Christmas this year I was gifted (among other cool things) a bag of mohir locks dyed in a rainbow of colors by talented friend Maggie.

I wanted to spin them with something that would really show off their lustrous color, but didn't have any fiber that I thought fit the bill. Finally I took some of the beautiful grey shetland from an earlier Fiber CSA delivery and tried to dye it black. Yeah, my dyeing skills still need some honing. I tried two different dye baths, and finally ended up with a mottled black and dark grey, nearly felted fiber. Grrrr!
Not exatcly what I was hoping for, but I decided to use it anyway. So I spun the locks into the shetland for one single.

Then plyed that against a plain shetland single. It isn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it did make a couple of  interesting skeins of yarn.

Not sure yet if I will sell them or keep them for my own stash.
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