Friday, June 11, 2010

Lavender Harvest

The first lavender harvest of the year and the best one to date. Looking forward to tins of lavender sugar and possibly some lavender syrup.


Marie Theron said...

How amazing, one cannot even see the green bits so full of blooms are your lavender sprigs!

Yulia said...

awww really beautiful! makes you want to smell it

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oh, oh, OH, oH, me me me me me!
Lavender syrup. mine. Mine! MINE! Missed this post...back then...any syrup left? Please? Pretty please with garlic on top? Oh wait, you have enough garlic. Dang. With fiber on top???

BlueGate said...

Oh Claire, you do know how to hit me where I'm vulnerable : )
I did make a batch and still have some left. It's darn tasty if I do say so myself, I've been enjoying lavender sodas made with it.
Will be happy to set one aside for you. Will you be coming to market anytime soon?