Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tree of Happiness Award!

Gosh, we haven't gotten a blog award before, what fun! Thanks Karen for the honor! And don't worry, I think we have just the "spot" for you.

Ok, so now I'm supposed to list 6 Things That Make Me Happy...

1. Beautiful sunrises with the new morning sun filtering through the hedgerow. Doesn't matter the time of year, this view always starts my day with a smile.

2. Long, straight rows of beautiful, healthy vegetables.

3. Sharing our lives (and our produce) with people who are interested and/or excited about them.

4. Amazing friends (with their beautiful hand-made gifts) who support, cajol and more importantly, laugh with me whenever I need it.

5. Most importantly, my family. Especially Sean who's willingness to give up exciting lives in the big-city-theatre-world was a good idea. And all the rest of our family who's support and willingness to jump in and help has made our lives here on the farm possible.

6. And finally, crystal clear nights with the moonlight so bright that it seems like day.

So now I'm supposed to tag other blogs that make me happy...oh the choices!

Adventures in Wonderland, because Maggie is a wonder-woman who always has such great things to say about life in general

Miss Effie's Diary because Cathy is one crazy, creative woman who knows her own mind

My Total Perspective Vortex because they are true life adventurers and their daughter has names for all the fairies and brownies living in their new house.

The Beginning Farmer another new farming family that approach life's challenges with thoughtful reflection.

High Hopes Gardens Blog a creative farming family with a sense of humor and great photos

I would have tagged Is this Heaven? No its Iowa! but Karen beat me to it. You are one popular blogger Claire!

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