Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bloggin' Blue

Since I know that our farm has a certain number number of followers who are mostly just interested in Blue, I'd thought I'd give her a day on the Blog. For those of you who've never met our Blue, she's the 2 yr old Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix who runs the farm. Her parents lived on a neighboring farm and she came to live with us as a 10 week-old puppy in January of  2007.

      January 10, 2007  She was one cute puppy!       
To keep from losing your favorite ball,just tie it to another one.
Early on there was some questions as to exactly what Blue's job was...this wasn't it.
A sign that your dog's bowl is too big
Blue's current favorite toy and general companion, she drags it all over the farm.
 In its previous life it was a bathrobe.
After a long day of herding vegetables, Blue like's to kick back and relax a bit
After an afternoon of cutting wood, we like to have a little fun...
really, the hill is better than it looks!
But no matter the season, Blue is always hard at work, watching over the farm.


Steve said...

I'm not a dog person, but the pictures of Blue are way too cute! Thanks for sharing.

girlwithasword said...

the pic of you and blue sledding is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

eagleeyes said...

A fellow heeler fan! We have a heeler too. They are amazing dogs. Our dog, Dixie, is quite the dog. She likes me BUT my husand is her master and there's no doubt about that. LOL
I like how you say Blue runs the farm. Dixie goes to work with my husband and she runs the shop. She is the queen there and don't ever doubt it Much to the dismay of the shop dog, Rusty, who wishes he could be in charge.