Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Wolf Moon

As I've mentioned before, I have a thing for the traditional names given to the various full moons. I don't know how other people celebrate full moons, or even if anyone else pays much attention to such things, but I am a big fan. If nothing else, it reminds me, at least once a month, to stop... look up into the night sky and breath deeply.

Tonight was particularly spectacular, the night was cold and crystal clear, and the moon shadows were stark against a fresh blanket of snow. The moon was encircled by an enormous halo caused by the refraction of ice crystals high in the sky. It was quite a sight.

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Blue and I took the opportunity to do a little sledding by moonlight. And as it should be, the sledding was followed by a steaming cup of hot cocoa for me and a "cookie" for Blue.


girlwithasword said...

Jill, I was thinking of you last night - as I kept looking outside in awe, at the amazing moon and how BRIGHT everything was, with the white white snow....I just KNEW you'd post about it. :) and I'm so glad you did! So, does Blue ride on the sled with you, or just follow you down??

BlueGate said...

Yep, it was just too spectacular to pass up.
Blue isn't a big fan of actually riding on the sled, but she loves to run alongside.