Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

It was a balmy 15 ° when I woke up this morning, but one look out the window compelled me to throw on my coat and boots run outside, climb over the icy gate and stomp into the now-barren hayfield to snap this photo. I know the focus isn't great, but the color was just too vibrant to pass up.

We finally managed to celebrate Christmas with my family last night and much fun was had by all. Among the many fun and very generous gifts was a new sled for me (woohoo!) So I have a sledding date later today with my 3 yr old nephew "Z" on the one remaining snowy slope that leads out onto the lower pond.

In addition to our holiday celebration yesterday, we spent the late morning installing the remaining ribs and center purlin for the new high tunnel...big celebratory cheer!! We may actually have the silly thing ready for April planting after all. Huge thanks to my dad and BIL Sean for their continuing help on the HT project.
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