Monday, January 26, 2009

Snowy Seeds

Snowy days always seem to bring out the seed ordering fool in me. So since we got about 3" yesterday, it seemed to be the perfect time to finish out the seed orders for 2009. Its always a hard choice, trying to whittle all the options down to a realistic plan. I am the ultimate sucker for glossy seed catalogs. I'd probably be better off if all the companies just did text-only .pdf files like Fedco does.  But then what ever would I do with all that extra time that I currently spend drooling over the "sexy" new pepper and tomato varieties? Ha!

The total crop list for this season numbers right at 200 different items, including 5 different kinds of beans, 6 different sweet peppers, 15 tomato varieties, and more than 40 items that go into our salad mix. Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it! Think I'll retire to the living room for a little hot tea and spinning break.

A variety our current of seed/plant suppliers
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