Saturday, November 15, 2008

CSA - Variations on a Theme

As part of our lives here on the farm, we run a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Basically it means that the farmer grows food for a group of members who pledge to buy a portion of the farm’s crop that season. Besides receiving a weekly box of fresh, high-quality, chemical-free produce, members also know they are directly supporting a local farm and making their own connection to the land.

CSA's come in many shapes and forms, but I recently found (and joined) a new kind of CSA, a Fiber CSA! You sign up for a year subscription and then every 6-8 weeks you get three pounds of wool yarn or if you spin, you can get wool roving instead, which is what I opted for. And to add to the appeal, the farm is in our neighborhood, so we're helping to support another small, local farm. You can check out this innovative program at Willow Ridge Farm and see all their other "farm-fresh" products as well.

So today when I got home, my first fiber delivery had arrived! Happy Birthday to me!! The box contained three pounds of shetland wool in natural white, natural light grey and a beautiful dyed ombre of fall colors (the photo doesn't do them justice). Can't wait to dig in!

First Fiber CSA delivery

A close-up of the completed yarn

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