Saturday, November 8, 2008

Storytelling on the Radio

In addition to growing things and spinning things I also spend a fair amount of time 'telling things.' More specifically, during the off season, I work as a storyteller. One of the fun projects that I've been working on recently is a new radio program on KFMG 99.1 called 'Trading Tales.'
It features a small group of local storytellers sharing their tales for listeners ages 3 to 103. The program aires at 9am on Saturdays and if you aren't in the immediate Des Moines area you can listen to it online at

Its a real treat to get to work with these talented storytellers on a regular basis. I have to tell you though, it can also be a real challenge. Imagine being 'trapped' in a small recording studio with 4-5 other people and trying to stay quiet as a skilled storyteller tells a real whopper of a tale. I'm just amazed that you can't hear the muffled hoots, choked-back snorts and stiffled hee-hees that are whirling about the studio at such moments. What fun!!
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