Saturday, November 8, 2008

Storytelling on the Radio

In addition to growing things and spinning things I also spend a fair amount of time 'telling things.' More specifically, during the off season, I work as a storyteller. One of the fun projects that I've been working on recently is a new radio program on KFMG 99.1 called 'Trading Tales.'
It features a small group of local storytellers sharing their tales for listeners ages 3 to 103. The program aires at 9am on Saturdays and if you aren't in the immediate Des Moines area you can listen to it online at

Its a real treat to get to work with these talented storytellers on a regular basis. I have to tell you though, it can also be a real challenge. Imagine being 'trapped' in a small recording studio with 4-5 other people and trying to stay quiet as a skilled storyteller tells a real whopper of a tale. I'm just amazed that you can't hear the muffled hoots, choked-back snorts and stiffled hee-hees that are whirling about the studio at such moments. What fun!!


phansc said...

This blog reminded me of IlluminationArts' "Handheld Tales" back from our days in Houston. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

Headfam said...

Can't wait to hear the stories! I think I know what the girls and I will be doing this Saturday morning!

Headfam said...

Loved the snoring monster!! Very cute! Alyssa said, "I looooooooved your story. By the way, I think you should tell the 'Sun and Moon' story." Kayleigh says, "That was awesome!"

BlueGate said...

Yep, not everyone gets the opportunity to snore like a monster on the radio, just us lucky few! Thanks for tuning in, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Reassure Kaleigh that I have already recorded "Sun & Moon" for the program, but not sure if they've played it yet. How cool to know I have a cheering section! Thanks girls!!