Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Stuff Aplenty

What a lovely Thanksgiving we had here on the farm. Several days of nicer than expected weather topped off with family gatherings and lots of good food, who could ask for more?

We started the celebration by moving the chicks up to their new indoor pen. At this stage they grow so fast. They started out all in one stock tank, then we divided them in half and added a second stock tank. Now they are in their final indoor enclosure, the "chick corral." In the next 7-10 days they will be sufficiently feathered to move out to the winter coop (along with the heat lamps to keep them toasty warm.)

Still cute, but headed for that "awkward teenager" stage

Then I spent the rest of Thursday morning harvesting carrots and beets from the high tunnel to add to our some of our stored root vegetables (onions, shallots, garlic, turnips and potatoes). These were all scrubbed (not peeled), tossed together in olive oil & seasonings and roasted for about 45 minutes...delicious!

oiled, seasoned and ready for the oven

Our big accomplishment for the weekend was enabled by a beautiful (50°) day on Friday and lots of family help. With this combination we were able to get over half of the remaining ribs up on the new (bigger) high tunnel. All fall our goal has been to have this tunnel up before the ground freezes. We're cutting it close, but I think we just might make it.

The new "Colossal" high tunnel with its first four ribs in place

Saturday afternoon we were happy to have visitors (of the non-family persuasion) to the farm. A neat family that will become our "neighbors" next month. Ya'll know that here in the country, anyone within a 40 mile radius that you identify with is "a neighbor." What a pleasant time, to sit and visit with interesting people who have many of the same goals for their farm as we have for ours, all the while sipping coffee and apple cider and watching the snow fall outside. Yep, it was a weekend to be thankful for!

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girlwithasword said...

it's SO exciting to see that HUGE tunnel going up!