Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting in a small town

Like everyone who watches the news or listens to NPR, recently I'd heard numerous reports of the incredible lines of people going into polling places. They were recounting waiting times of up to four hours to get in to vote in numerous states. I applaud everyone who waited for hours just to register their political opinion. However, it did cause me to smile when I arrived at our Washington Township polling place. I parked in front of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, walked (approx. 30') into the Columbia Community Center, chatted with my great aunt and uncle (poll monitors for the Reps), kissed my spouse (poll monitor for the Dems), voted and walked out in under 15 minutes. I love small towns!


girlwithasword said...

dang, now I'm almost sad I voted by mail!

phansc said...

I voted by mail, too. I live in a high-rise building right outside DC, and my senior-citizen, retired neighbors all insist on waking up at the crack of dawn to stand in line to vote. Why they don't wait till later in the day so that we "younger" folks who have to get to work can vote puzzles me.

Headfam said...

Sans the kissing of the spouse and the chatting with reatives, the same thing happened here in highly populated Cypress, TX. I think most people here waited in line for an hour the week of early voting. So much for tryng to get ahead of the game!