Friday, November 21, 2008

Saucing and Synching

Its been an interesting week on the farm. We are getting ready for the downtown DM Harvest Market, so there has been much jam-making, produce harvesting and root-crop cleaning.

On top of all that it has gotten COLD! So cold that the outdoor cooler where the apples are stored is at risk of freezing, so that means its applesauce making time. So far we've put up approximately 30 quarts of applesauce for our own consumption and for making into apple butter to sell. I love applesauce made from Jonathan apples, its wonderfully tasty and a beautiful color to boot!

How did I ever make applesauce before the Squeezo!?!

I also had another recording session for the storytelling program at the radio station on Thursday. This was a particularly fun one as we started learning to engineer our own program. Its been a long time since I ran a sound board, but with this technology, the computer does a lot of the fiddly work for you. So really it is more learning the software, than learning about the equipment. Big thanks to Ron Sorenson for nursing this program along until we can manage it on our own.

Recording studio at KFMG


girlwithasword said...

woah....never heard of a squeezo. must investigate!!!

Steve said...

And I've never heard of Jonathan apples!

BlueGate said...

hee hee, you two are a good team! But you raise good issues... the squeezo (actually Squeezo III) is a fabulous alternative to a food mill.
The Jonathan apples are from an ancient tree in Grandpa's orchard. The are the undeniable favorite in our family for cider, fresh eating and saucing.