Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dyeing to Spin

Ok, its a sad attempt at a pun, but I couldn't think of a better one. For those of you who aren't interested in fiber and spinning, never fear, I'll get back to talking about the farm soon. This is just a fun "inclement weather" project.

I spent last Sunday with my fiber enablers (Maggie, John & Terri). We had fiber, dye, good food, wine, way more kittens than one would think possible, good friends and lots of laughing. What more could a hungry fiber junkie want?

Here's some of my results from our experimenting:

Sunday's dyed wools

Sunday's dyed silk

A close-up of the corriedale wool...can't wait to spin this up

And finally, a little side by side comparison:

This is the wool, freshly dyed

And this is the yarn, freshly spun (from the above wool). The color change is pretty remarkable, and its not just poor photo quality, they really are that different.
Yep, still a newbie spinner...still learning!


girlwithasword said...

there are people who aren't interested in spinning and wool?!?!?!


But seriously, that is a REALLY interesting comparison between the bell/batt and the finished yarn. amazing!!! have you tried the silk or corriedale yet??? my mohair locks are still drying......

BlueGate said...

Yep, there are still a few "innocents" out there. : ) No, still haven't dug into either one. Maybe this week...they sure look tempting!